Acid Reflux Pillow

FInd help with an Acid Reflux Pillow. A pillow gives support to our neck and head. It gives full rest to our tired muscles after a tiring day. There are various forms of pillows which we normally get in the market for the regular use.

Some special pillows are developed under medical supervision to give comfort to people suffering from various diseases. One of them is Acid Reflux Pillow. These are meant to give comfort to the people suffering from Acid Reflux. These pillows prevent the acid to travel backwards when a person sleeps.

Guidelines to use these pillows:

These pillows can be used with or without your favorite regular pillow. The pillow has to elevate your head to a height 6 to 8 inches. It should gradually incline your head to make your sleeping position comfortable when you sleep side ways or on your back. Using these pillows without the specified guidelines can increase the suffering or may even worsen it.

Each Acid Reflux Pillow comes in a separate zipped pillow case with attractive handles.

It can be carried anywhere along.

Structure of the pillow:

The design of the pillow gives total comfort to your upper body. It can be used with or without your regular pillow. The height of the pillow is 7 inches high and measures 24 inches in width. It has a wavy structure which provides comfortable sleep either side ways or even if you sleep on your back. It can also be washed as it comes in a washable travel cover. The use of this pillow can also be benefited when you are traveling.

The use of this pillow is not only restricted to Acid Reflux patients. It can also be used by asthma patients, heart patients, children and babies, pregnant women, people having snoring problems, and many more.

Asthma patients: These people suffer from breathing problem normally more when they are lying down. Use of these pillows elevates their head which makes it easier for them even when they are lying down or sleeping.

Heart Patients: These people also suffer from breathing problems while lying down. Elevating their heads gives a clear way for breathing with a comfortable sleep.

Pregnant women: As pregnant women are more prone to acid reflux due to their food habits and weight gain, it is recommended that they use this pillow for a comfortable sleep.

Children and Babies: Acid reflux is normally seen in infants and children also. In infants it is common to see them "spitting up" after their meals. This problem sometimes vanishes with the growing age. Thus it is advisable to use these pillows to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux, under the guidance of your child's doctor.

Snoring problems: Giving the head and chest a little rise, by using these pillows, can reduce the snoring problem also.

Know more about the pillow:

Benefits for the infants and children: This pillow fits under the upper body very comfortably of your infant, thus gives your infant an easy way to breath. Children can use this pillow just as the way the adults use it.

Keep it clean: This pillow comes in a washable cover so it can be washed whenever needed.

Use it with your favorite pillow: It can be used with or without your favorite regular pillow.

So consult your physician or doctor to know more about this pillow.

Acid Reflux Pillow - try one!